In a cyberpunk world, you lead a megacorporation and you have to invest by creating buildings in order to make as much money by giving them different functions before the time limit.

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Gameplay has been designed for smarphones and tablets.This game mixes the scoring game and the citybuilder genre. 


  • Use Keyboard or click and drag the screen to scroll through the level. 
  • Click and drag a building to build it. (You can build where there is arrows)
  • When a building is created, double click on one of the three proposed logos to choose a function for the building. Try to diversify your activities to improve the city and to reach the monopoly of certain markets. Remember that you need to create accomodations to get a customer base in your other establishments.
  • Click on "ads" signs to sell an advertising space so as to win time and money.
  • Each of your actions (like the construction of a building, the choice of a function, the sold of an advertising space) allows you to have a more time.

  • I will port the game to Android after the jam.

I'm french, sorry for the potential grammatical mistakes in English :D

Published Mar 05, 2014
AuthorPietro Ferrantelli
GenreSimulation, Strategy
Tagscitybuilder, Cyberpunk, scoring