Support the game and get Windows, Mac and PC version, 

it will help us to make Mobs Inc 2.


Pietro Ferrantelli - Game Design & Programmation @PietroFerrantel

Theophile Loaec (thomaslean) - Character Art, Sound Design & Music @ThomasLean

Augustin Grassien (anabir) - Environnment Art, VFx & UI. @AnabirFR

OrikMcFly - Environnement Art, VFx & UI @OrikMcFly


Winner of the Ludum Dare 33 out of 2700+ entries, made in 3 days.

"Mobs, Inc. is hiring new employees ! The dungeon the company has been taking care of, has become so attractive that too many adventurers are visiting it every day.

Become one these new employee hired to maintain a constant challenge for these adventurers. If you're doing your job quite well, the CEO might give you a promotion and enhance you with some new powerful skills."

----------- MOBS, INC -- INSTRUCTIONS -------------------------------------------

Every monster in the company has to follow these three rules :

1. Kill adventurers with quick strikes, by dashing through them (Left-Click to attack).

2. Kill more adventurers with your specials skills once you are promoted (Press Q / W / E ).

3. Do not upset the CEO, it will be fine. If you disappoint him 4 times, you will be fired. (and have to start a new game)

EDIT : Markiplier made a let's play of the game :) 


Support the game and get the Download version for Windows, Linux and Mac ! 

It will help us to develop Mobs Inc 2, the full game (coming in 2021)


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Fun. Slows down A LOT after there are ~10 bloodstains on the ground. Be cool if they disappeared after a while to keep the action going.


thank god for the recommended tab



anyway to get it on 32 bit?


Level 97 no sweat



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Level 59 with NO MOUSE!!!!!


Awesome. Its sooo good... Congrats dude


This game is so fun ! I work hard ! The graphisms are soooo cools and the game is amazing !

i did it


Wow. Just.... Wow

(1 edit) (+2)

This is a surprisingly fun game, definitely next impossible without a mouse, but with one you feel like a God. Each upgrade makes the character feel different and the moves are crazy awesome, the combos and split second moment where you save yourself are amazing. 


A diamond in the rough on and I would consider it one of my favorite games on this platform of all time. 


This is actually a really good game




I really felt satisfaction reaching the three powers and killing a lot of humans HAHAHAHA. Congrats for such a masterpiece.

and the 32 Bits version?

Very nice game. I really liked it.

You can't rise after level 100 :(

Amazing game! Loved playing it! Would be cool if you had maybe 5 different randomized characters you can play.


nice game 


this game is awesome like Jordan Peterson level awesome


great game could you add a input customization menu so even the touchpadgamers can enjoy this game


Your brother Matteo recommended this to me, very noice


Ahah thank you :) Can't wait to see Matteo again !


well done!


This is so damn great! Good job :D

had a great time playing it!! Seriously would love to come back to it!

The game plays just fine but i feel like if your warnings reset when you get promoted.




bem podia ter pra 32 bits


is this game for chrome book?


Big problem with the game- you almost always spawn with damage taken. I propose adding a 1 or 2 second invulnerability timer to counteract this.

This is uber cool. I made 89.  when is the next promotion? :)


I got to level 98 but I died cause I'm trash


Too funny. Love the theme, sounds are great.

Nice game :)

Very easy to learn, the controls are easy enough (once you get used to them), and it's a great game overall!

Amazing game! It's simple and fun. My high score is 88.

is good

The one thing that kind of annoys me is that there is no reset or menu button during the battle. An addition of that feature will be really great for people like me that have to abruptly stop in the middle of the game. Other than that awesome game, like everything else about it : )

Amazing Game, got to Level 84!

Love the promotion system and 4 warnings mechanic.

Combat feels very satisying and the art style is awesome!

hard but soooooooooooooo good

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