Support the game and get Windows, Mac and PC version, 

it will help us to make Mobs Inc 2.

Pietro Ferrantelli - Game Design & Programmation @PietroFerrantel

Theophile Loaec (thomaslean) - Character Art, Sound Design & Music @ThomasLean

Augustin Grassien (anabir) - Environnment Art, VFx & UI. @AnabirFR

OrikMcFly - Environnement Art, VFx & UI @OrikMcFly


Winner of the Ludum Dare 33 out of 2700+ entries, made in 3 days.

"Mobs, Inc. is hiring new employees ! The dungeon the company has been taking care of, has become so attractive that too many adventurers are visiting it every day.

Become one these new employee hired to maintain a constant challenge for these adventurers. If you're doing your job quite well, the CEO might give you a promotion and enhance you with some new powerful skills."

----------- MOBS, INC -- INSTRUCTIONS -------------------------------------------

Every monster in the company has to follow these three rules :

1. Kill adventurers with quick strikes, by dashing through them (Left-Click to attack).

2. Kill more adventurers with your specials skills once you are promoted (Press Q / W / E ).

3. Do not upset the CEO, it will be fine. If you disappoint him 4 times, you will be fired. (and have to start a new game)

EDIT : Markiplier made a let's play of the game :) 


Support the game and get the Download version for Windows, Linux and Mac ! 

It will help us to develop Mobs Inc 2, the full game (coming in 2021)


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Reaching 100 seems to cause some frame rate issues. Might just be me, though.

max lvl. 89


Hello fellow dev person totally not roboto
I have a few questions about this game
So I was just using the downloadable version of the game and I have a few questions/ideas. Because I really want to use this game as a background video for my Youtube

1. Can you change the volume without having to go to Volume Mixer in windows? Because I kinda want just sound effects since I would be using my own music and would prefer to know if im being charged at

2. Is it possible to resize the game itself without having to have it in full screen? Because it makes it easier to work it into my video (And I already looked through the files for settings, there weren't any)

3. Will you ever make more levels of this game. Because I feel like if you added more levels and actual options/maybe items then maybe you could make a really cool rouge-like game that you could actually sell for money instead of having to rely on Patreon. (Yes, I am aware that it is ridiculously hard to make a game of actual detail, I had experience with that)

But besides that, I really enjoyed this game and I hope to see more of you in the future. 

ps. this font is effing hard to read

I already solved number 2 lol

Only got to level 99 max, tried to get 100 haha. Four tries. Love the game.

(1 edit) (+1)

I tried downloading the game but I can't find the file that would actually start the game (I'm on windows btw) do I need to play the game on the browser or is it possible to download the game?

i got to 86


Can you make a 32 bit vesion of this game pls

can i get permission to modify the game and publish it with credit to you. or does it have copyright and i can't.

Hey no sorry you can't !

oh, ok

got to lvl 49 and died to a stray arrow. also, once you are glowing and out of health, you can do a final meteor strike or whatever it's called and take a few enemies our with you. please don't remove this, because I think it adds a desperate effect to the skeleton-thing, as if he doesn't want to get fired.


it's too hard

sorry that i'm whining i'm probably just really bad at it 

(1 edit)

Can you pause the game in browser?

Well you can, just switch to the next tab of that browser

The game still seems to be running and when I tab back I am dead

maybe it  only  works for my browser? I'm using Chrome btw


This is great!


Really good! One gets really eager to get that promotion. Well done!

it is the best!

I was very happy with this game, you start playing and then you just don't want to stop until you finished it. In my opinion though in Mobs INC 2 it should have a leader board and compare your level to others. 

It was superb fun, Thank you :D

Really great game reached lvl 100 then died by golden runner. I wished that there was like a new map when hitting 100 or more abilities to chose from but can only take 3 to battle, you would chose the abilities to take to battle at the place with employee of the month area.


Cool game, really enjoyed it and the promotion power ups.  Only thing I would change is the game over sequence, so that on your last warning he says something other than Get Back to Work, and say something like Your Fired and a trapdoor opens from underneath, and then maybe award the player with a rank or grade to reflect how good or bad they played.

Very nice game, siete stati molto bravi!


Level 79. Died to a stray arrow. Hurts man.

(3 edits) (+1)

So fun and creative! I like the concept! Keep up your great work! Edit: You should also add a refresh to dead people because my game gets really laggy like 1-2 frames per second after a while of killing.


Having a lot of fun with it. Seems to be some mis-clicking in later levels 60+. Wish there was a little invuln coming out of abilities. In later 90+, your wrecking ball finishes on top of an enemy and there is nothing you can do but die.


Fun little game, however as the levels progress the game gets insanely slow! Maybe like one of the other users said it was because of the bloodstains? Maybe a memory leak? I dunno. Fun though, thanks!

the only complaint i have about that game is that there inst more to it! It's an amazing game especially considering the short amount of time it was made in


This is a masterclass in Game Feel, my god. Everything around the animation, the visuals and the sound effects is so crunchy and powerful. I loved it.

While the gameplay is pretty simple and not that innovative, it works well with the rest of the game. The ability to combo strikes and spells is extremely compelling, and so I enjoyed every moment of it.


I applaud you.

Very well done game.

Excellent game, I loved it! Check out my review about it


Very nice. But gets a bit repetitive after a while.

(1 edit)

awesome game! got lvl 101

(1 edit)

Fun. Slows down A LOT after there are ~10 bloodstains on the ground. Be cool if they disappeared after a while to keep the action going.


thank god for the recommended tab



anyway to get it on 32 bit?


Level 97 no sweat



(2 edits)

Level 59 with NO MOUSE!!!!!

level 69 no mouse, no sweat


Awesome. Its sooo good... Congrats dude


This game is so fun ! I work hard ! The graphisms are soooo cools and the game is amazing !

i did it


Wow. Just.... Wow

(1 edit) (+2)

This is a surprisingly fun game, definitely next impossible without a mouse, but with one you feel like a God. Each upgrade makes the character feel different and the moves are crazy awesome, the combos and split second moment where you save yourself are amazing. 


A diamond in the rough on and I would consider it one of my favorite games on this platform of all time. 


This is actually a really good game

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