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well done!


This is so damn great! Good job :D

had a great time playing it!! Seriously would love to come back to it!

The game plays just fine but i feel like if your warnings reset when you get promoted.


bem podia ter pra 32 bits


is this game for chrome book?


Big problem with the game- you almost always spawn with damage taken. I propose adding a 1 or 2 second invulnerability timer to counteract this.

This is uber cool. I made 89.  when is the next promotion? :)

I got to level 98 but I died cause I'm trash

Too funny. Love the theme, sounds are great.

Nice game :)

Very easy to learn, the controls are easy enough (once you get used to them), and it's a great game overall!

Amazing game! It's simple and fun. My high score is 88.

is good

The one thing that kind of annoys me is that there is no reset or menu button during the battle. An addition of that feature will be really great for people like me that have to abruptly stop in the middle of the game. Other than that awesome game, like everything else about it : )

Amazing Game, got to Level 84!

Love the promotion system and 4 warnings mechanic.

Combat feels very satisying and the art style is awesome!

hard but soooooooooooooo good

love the music for the waiting room and the sequence of transferring from your promo to the office, its pretty funny, I love the execution of a game in this sort of style!

Got to lv 100! Good work, overall a great game 5 out of 5

You NEED to make a longer version of this game! I played this game multiple times. Including downloading this for a client version. Awesome game and glad this one took the winner place! Hats down for you sir

Wow, this game is amazing! Congrats! :)

very cool game i love it 

Highest level I've gotten is 80, but I've found it really fun for the last hour I've had it.

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I experience glitch. My character is put inside black square during battle and I also see this distortion during game:

It's been quite a while. I have never gotten the chance to play it myself and I finally did and it was really fun. I definitely will play it again and try to beat it next time.


I loved the game, but I think you should restore one verbal warning every time you get a promotion.


Quand on aime un jeu, on aime le partager !
Vivement tes prochains jeux, Pietro ! Et bravo à toute l'équipe ;)
(oui, j'ai déjà testé Xenopunch et Dark Soil entre autres, qui valent largement le coup aussi)

Real good a game.

So much fun! I keep coming back to this game. Got to level 100!

Awesome game with great potential! I had a blast playing the game and even though it is from 2015 really hope you will give this game more features :)

Well done!

my arm can work in 2 day

How do I run in Linux? Is nacl_helper_bootstrap involved somehow?

Umh did u figure it out im having the same question

Deleted post

Fun game

Great mouse coordination reaction from player input!


I love this game its sooo goood


Nice game but it's really hard maybe add a feature where your verbal warning reset when you get promoted


I get the impression that it's like an arcade game, so limited "lives" makes sense.

Lots of fun! Took me a while to notice the hearts leading to warnings, I guess I should look at the HUD more.

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