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Got to lv 100! Good work, overall a great game 5 out of 5

You NEED to make a longer version of this game! I played this game multiple times. Including downloading this for a client version. Awesome game and glad this one took the winner place! Hats down for you sir

Wow, this game is amazing! Congrats! :)

very cool game i love it 

Highest level I've gotten is 80, but I've found it really fun for the last hour I've had it.

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I experience glitch. My character is put inside black square during battle and I also see this distortion during game:

It's been quite a while. I have never gotten the chance to play it myself and I finally did and it was really fun. I definitely will play it again and try to beat it next time.


I loved the game, but I think you should restore one verbal warning every time you get a promotion.


Quand on aime un jeu, on aime le partager !
Vivement tes prochains jeux, Pietro ! Et bravo à toute l'équipe ;)
(oui, j'ai déjà testé Xenopunch et Dark Soil entre autres, qui valent largement le coup aussi)

Real good a game.

So much fun! I keep coming back to this game. Got to level 100!

Awesome game with great potential! I had a blast playing the game and even though it is from 2015 really hope you will give this game more features :)

Well done!

my arm can work in 2 day

How do I run in Linux? Is nacl_helper_bootstrap involved somehow?

Umh did u figure it out im having the same question

Fun game

Great mouse coordination reaction from player input!


I love this game its sooo goood


Nice game but it's really hard maybe add a feature where your verbal warning reset when you get promoted


I get the impression that it's like an arcade game, so limited "lives" makes sense.

Lots of fun! Took me a while to notice the hearts leading to warnings, I guess I should look at the HUD more.

This was SOOOOOO much fun!!!! Loved it!!!

Really enjoyed playing this - it made me want to get to the highest level I could, kept me interested with new game mechanics, great sound design and music.  Quality game all round.

Don't written warnings come between verbal warnings and termination?!?!


its over 3 years but still great!!

hope you enjoy it!


Love this game!


My favorite Ludum Dare game so far ! <3

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