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I came from Alpha Beta Gamer on YT. Ngl this game literally amused me. The possibilities and art must be genuinely HARD to finish.

Y'all got my respect.

P.S. The devs are adorable!

( GAME* )



WHEN THE NEXT UPDATE MR. PIETRO?                                 (and a street fighter easter egg?)               

Deleted 28 days ago

This game is AWSOME like dude I love this game dude cause I really like some types of fourth wall breaking like dude idk why I like it so much lol great game :D

Thank you so much for this kind review :D

i want download the ost soundtrack animal crossing is a beautiful song

Add Red Dead Revolver/ Red Dead Redemption/ Red Dead Redemption 2 to the games you can type pls

A red dead easter egg is planned to be added in one of the upcoming updates. 

My player just walked off the screen and now I can't get back haha. He was just like 'I've had enough' and bailed.

can you not patch the bug where if you jump and hit the wall at the right way your player bounces around like a windows screensaver i like that bug

ahah, sadly I'll fix all the bugs in next updates but yeah it's pretty funny aha

execution is nice and the premise is really cool. However, came across a glitch where in the animal crossing section the npc just disappeared before i could give him a fish. he walked to the left and maybe got trapped behind the water tiles, so I was unable to finish it


Before giving this game to Markiplier, please fix it

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On the gta level I clicked walk on the red car (doorish area coming from the right) at the top left and my character drifted straight past it off the screen and got stuck. Can't seem to replicate it but sure was interesting.


Undertale would be goo


What about Pokemon Mystery Dungeon? I want my feels.


There's a typo. At the part where the guy says "Please don't break anything", "anything" is "anythink".


The game's great and very fun, it also has a great soundtrack. Hyped for the update, a game I'd like to see be put in however is Warframe or Daemon X Machina


I'm hyped up for the update!


Is there anyway you could do Enter the Gungeon, that'd be awesome! ^^


I would like uhh

Yume Nikki


I ran into a bug in the GTA scene. I was pushed outside the wall and unable to continue :b


this happenet to me too, but i was playing animal crossing

I played this game again and got sad lol. Great Job once again.


i got in a glitch where the spikes are perfectly timed so that they kill me the millisecond the respawn animation finishes

can i get a uhhhh psychonauts


this game is good but you know what would be evil having a secret if you actually give the guy 1000 fish its a little glitched sometimes you give him a fish and it dosent count maybe a secret ending for doing the stuff correctly like beating the darksouls mode without throwing hearts at him cause when youre almost done with the guy he regens and i dunno what to do in gta mode but hey alternate ending unless you were already gonna do that in that case why did i type this

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Thank you for your feedbacks and suggestions ! I'll add that, maybe not in next update because I want to add a lot more depth to the concept by adding hidden easter eggs, game modes, and more content. But after that, i'll add that :)

well now im just mad cause I was spending so long on the dark souls battle then I realized when there was just a little tiny bit of health left on the boss it just stopped getting hurt but this comment makes me sad or mad knowing I was doing that for nothing XD :(


bruh you should add the binding of isaac as an option

plz add celest


Great game. Now my fingers hurt. And why are they dont know celeste?

good fun good idea


Very interesting game with a interesting concept 

is there a download option for this

I fix the bugs and add more secrets and easter eggs first, but yeah there will be download option very soon ! Stay tuned :)

cool also good game

GREAT game! So much fun. The music is awesome.

This is great, I loved it!! I did want to let you know that I hit a bug. Just before the Animal Crossing segment ended, I accidentally hit the tree and caused an apple to fall. The apple stayed on-screen for the rest of the game, and I couldn't interact with it!


The Voice acting was awesome!! Really great story building!

I will say though the mouse controls did feel a tap bit "Laggy" I'm not sure if that's just something on my end or something in code but regardless awesome fun game!

Loved the part picking the games and playing little mini versions of them!

Fun quick game! I like the concept and the voice acting. Great job!


The character ran off screen. Is that normal?

no it's one of the bug that will be solved in next update


Awesome game!!! Keep up the great work.


man the game is damn fun, amazing job guys like really from the music to mechanic this shit is the  B O M B, loved the quirky devs npcs and the comments they make about what you do, definitely a game i will suggest anyone to play. 


it is a great game.


I was wondering if it was possible to beat the games legitimately by completing their "intended objectives", so I said "Dark Souls" when the guys asked me which game was my favorite. I fought the monster and tried to kill it without giving it any love and although that was pretty tedious I was actually doing fine and then when the boss had only a chunk of health left, its health did not go any lower. Well, RIP the 2 minutes of my life that I'll never get back.

In GTA V, you are given no objective.

Also, there's no chance I ever wanna get and give 1'000 fishes for the NPC in Animal Crossing, nope.


Didn't give any fish, I throw the NPC in the water before I had a chance to catch fish :)

It's a really good little game and I had a lot of fun playing it.

Good job people, can't wait for your next game ;)

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