"Assassin's Creed" X "Super Mario Bros" mashup made in 3 days for the 63th Mini-LD. LD entry

"Do I know you from somewhere ?"
"Don't you recognize me, Ezio ? It's a-me ! Mario !"


You have to get all the Abstergo's symbols if you want to finish a level. Watch out for the dark purple full-armored koopas, they're very tough !

> Use arrows to move.

> Press Q or A to use your throwing knife. (5 seconds cooldown)

> Press W or Z to lay a mine. (5 seconds cooldown)

> Jump on the head of the Koopas.

> Jump on a haystack to hide in it.

> Press R to restart.

Pietro Ferrantelli - Game Design & Programmation

Niels Tiercelin - Level Design

Thomas Lean - Arts & Sound Design

Thanks to Maxime Bondoux for the musics


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Really really amazing game keep these coming

I really enjoyed this game,  however it might have benefited from more  variety, maybe more enemies or a boss fight at the end.  I thought the combat sections were solid and the controls were good. My main complaint is that there wasn't enough of it.

Love it! This reminds me of Asterix and Obelix, the cartoon, if you have heard of it. Please add more levels!