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Made in 3 days by Pietro Ferrantelli (@PietroFerrantel) for Ludum Dare 35.

The game won the Bronze Medal out of the 2700+ games in the competition ! Entry link

"The Prince Charming has been cursed by an evil witch and he suffers an awful shapeshift. He has to reach the top of the Princess Tower to meet the preatiest one so as to be deliver from his misfortune !"

----------- PRINCE CHARMLESS -- INSTRUCTIONS -------------------------------------------

Each Level is constitued by several parts

I/ The Tower Climb : Reach the princess

1. Left Click to jump
2. Hold Left Click to climb walls
3. Right Click to dash (unlockable at level)

II/ Mirror on the Wall : Make yourself beautiful despite of your awful mutations

1. Left click on corresponding buttons or use keyboard shortcuts to select a tool
2. Use the tools by following the in game instructions
3. make yourself pretty your ugliness break the mirror

III/ Princess Encounter : The princess gives you a recompense corresponding to your beauty or don't let you pass if you're to unattractive (it's a Game Over)

IV/ Curse Time : "Choose" a disgusting upgrade

V/ Happily Ever After Shop : Use your golden pieces to unlock new stuff for both Mirror and Dungeon.


Pietro Ferrantelli - @PietroFerrantel - Design, Sound, Code & Art
Donat Watine (my uncle) - Music


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i think his blemishes and facial hair shouldn't regenerate but whatever

Fun game that reminds me of playing Perfection as a kid! :D

the board game? if not can you link it to me?